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Wills and Estates

Legal Wills and Estate plans ensure that the distribution of your personal property and other assets are managed according to your wishes upon your death. While there was a time when you could simply tell a trusted friend how you wanted things handled, in a more complicated society like the one in which we live, a formally prepared document is crucial.


It's important that you work with a professional like Attorney Jennifer Chadwell to prepare your will and manage the consignment of your estate. Ms. Chadwell can ensure your wishes regarding the final allocation of your estate is clearly outlined and defined as you direct. And she will do so with competence and a complete understanding of the legal aspects affecting such records.




While often unavoidable, the decision to seek a Conservatorship for a loved one is a hard one. If you have a spouse, child, parent or other family member who is unable to manage their financial affairs or daily responsibilities without help because of age, or limited physical or mental capacities, you may seek to become the protector and guardian for that person. As a conservator, it will be your job to ensure financial obligations are met, bills are paid and physical needs are provided for. Attorney Jennifer Chadwell can assist you in every facet of a Conservatorship and will do so with the highest level of concern for the needs of your loved one.

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According to Tennessee law, a Guardianship is the legal obligation of an adult to care for a minor child who is unable to care for himself, or make decisions regarding his health, finances or even personal matters. A guardian is tasked with the responsibility of seeing that the child is cared for and that rational decisions are made regarding schooling, medical needs and more. When seeking to become a guardian for a grandchild, niece or nephew, or other child in your care, it's best to work with an attorney who is knowledgeable about the specific laws associated with court-appointed guardianships to counsel and advise you on what is best for the specific situation with which you're dealing.

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When a loved one dies, the last thing you want is to deal with a long-drawn out period of probate. While some assets such as individually-owned property or bank accounts, will go through probate, which typically lasts about six months, an attorney who knows Tennessee probate laws can help speed up the process dramatically. Jennifer Chadwell can help you properly deal with the issues and legalities surrounding property and other assets in probate, ensure debts and liabilities are taken care of and do anything else required to efficiently manage your spouse or other loved one's estate.

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Power of Attorney

The reasons for needing a Power of Attorney, used to grant a representative the authority to make financial or medical decisions in someone else's place, vary greatly. They may include the transfer of a title, selling of a home or other property, providing for long-term medical care and more. A Power of Attorney clearly defines the authority provided and to whom that authority is given. Because laws regarding such documents differ by state, it's in your best interest to work with an attorney like Jennifer Chadwell who is familiar with every aspect of Tennessee law dealing with a Power of Attorney and its legal implications.

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As with many other financial situations, Trusts in Tennessee are governed by various laws and regulations to ensure they're managed properly and accomplish the purposes for which they're created. There are many reasons for establishing a trust including to provide for an underage or disabled child, to donate to a favorite charity or organization, to ensure assets will last long enough to provide for a surviving spouse and more. An experienced attorney like Jennifer Chadwell can help you navigate the confusing waters of a Tennessee Trust and ensure your wishes are carried out through its provisions.


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