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The areas of Family Law are as varied and complex as the individuals and families served. They may include such issues as divorce, custody and visitation, relocation of children, child support, alimony and spousal support, division of marital property, adoption and paternity issues, parental rights, grandparent rights, post-divorce modification, mediation, and more.


The Law Office of Jennifer L. Chadwell assists clients in all of these legal areas and does so with a compassion and concern that goes above and beyond the call of expected duty. Ms. Chadwell's goal is to represent her clients with the best legal assistance available. She has been meeting that goal for more than a decade in the counties of the East Tennessee region.



Post-Divorce Modification


Grandparents' Rights


I am dedicated to building a strong relationship with my clients and working to provide them with the best legal assistance available.




Regardless of the reason for separation or divorce, the process is typically a painful one. Dividing a home and family requires an understanding of human nature and feelings as well as an understanding of divorce law. Jennifer Chadwell has both.


For the past ten years, Ms. Chadwell has been assisting her clients in divorce. She is committed to providing competent legal care and representation along with a healthy dose of compassion that she realizes clients need as they work through this stage in life.


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Custody and Visitation

There are many factors involved in establishing a legal Child Custody and Visitation agreement in East Tennessee. These may include the age and gender of the child, the physical and mental health of the parents, the lifestyle of the parent or guardian, the child's prospective environment, or the child's preference after the age of 12, among other things.


While the court determines child custody and visitation cases based on the best interests of the child, Ms. Chadwell helps her clients to understand what that may be. She encourages and assists her clients in reaching an amenable custody and visitation agreement and in preparing them for probable or potential outcomes. Jennifer Chadwell understands the legal, moral and emotional issues surrounding child custody and visitation and will work with you to ensure the process moves as smoothly as possible considering the emotions and feelings typically involved.


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Relocation of Children and Visitation

Few aspects of divorce are simple and Relocation of Children and Visitation can be one of the most complicated. Several Tennessee laws and statues affect a divorced parent's relocation when minor children are involved. You need an attorney who understands these concepts and who can help you navigate the legal implications of a distant move. Jennifer Chadwell is just such an attorney.


Having studied law right here in Tennessee, Ms. Chadwell is familiar with the facets of child relocation and visitation issues after a divorce. She can explain the applicable laws and help you determine how best to proceed in the event you need to move 50 miles away from your present home or out of state.



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Child Support

When a family is divided by divorce, their financial situation can often change dramatically. For newly single parents, adequate child support ensures your children have the money needed to provide for their healthcare, education costs, daily living expenses and other essentials. This is a necessary part of a divorce settlement and Jennifer Chadwell understands this truth.


Many factors affect the amount of child support the court may award. These include the gross income of each parent, daycare costs, health insurance costs, how many days a child is with each parent and more. Ms. Chadwell is well versed in these and other Tennessee Child Support guidelines. As such, she will work tirelessly to help you receive fair and equitable child support to meet your children's current and future financial needs.


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Alimony and Spousal Support

When a couple divorces, one spouse may often be awarded Alimony or Spousal Support depending on the specific circumstances. While there is no clear-cut formula for assigning such support, the goal is to ensure both spouses are able to maintain their current standard of living, even if one requires financial assistance to do so. Jennifer Chadwell understands that there are many factors affecting how and when the court awards spousal support. She can assist you in determining which of these factors apply to your situation and in best presenting your needs to the court.


Alimony may be awarded to a spouse who hasn't worked, or who earns less than the other spouse, to a spouse who may need to return to school or complete a college degree, or to a spouse who received less property than the other in the divorce settlement. The length of the marriage may also affect spousal support, as well as how much each partner contributed to the marriage among other things. Thankfully, Ms. Chadwell can help you navigate the muddy waters of alimony and spousal support, and can help you receive the compensation you're due based on your individual lifestyle and circumstances.


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Division of Marital Property

When a marriage ends, the Division of Marital Property is often one of the most controversial aspects of the divorce settlement. Determining who gets what can be a cause for tremendous stress and conflict. Jennifer Chadwell can assist you in mediating a fair and equitable property settlement and can help ensure the division of property is properly recorded to eliminate questions later on.


Tennessee typically awards separate property—assets, cash and physical property owned by each spouse before marriage—to the one who originally owned it. Joint property and property acquired during the marriage is divided fairly between the couple. Determining "fairly" is where many issues arise. As such, the expertise of an experienced attorney like Ms. Chadwell is essential in coming to an agreement that is acceptable and amenable to both parties involved.


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Adoption and Paternity Issues

When parental rights are involved as they are with Adoption and Paternity Issues, the law can becoming a confusing array of seemingly conflicting statements and legal jargon. Having someone on your side, like Attorney Jennifer Chadwell, who understands the legal guidelines and statutes surrounding this area of Family Law, is crucial.


Based on her knowledge and expertise, Ms. Chadwell can work with you to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your individual circumstances and specific situation. Whether it's determining paternity, adopting a child, or preventing the removal of your parental rights, Jennifer Chadwell can assist you in navigating the intricate maze of legal proceedings with competency and compassion.


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Fathers' Rights

If you're a divorced parent and concerned that your Fathers' Rights have been neglected or violated, you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of Family Law in East Tennessee. Jennifer L. Chadwell understands the laws and guidelines that affect parental rights and the rights of a father in the event of a divorce.


While a Fathers' Rights in Tennessee are guaranteed by law, there is often the fear that the mother will automatically receive full custody of any children when parents divorce. But the father is often the primary caregiver and the one who has the strongest relationship with the child. If you, as a father, are the one who encourages and even inspires your child, Ms. Chadwell can help you navigate the legal issues involved so that you receive every right you are due as a father.


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Post-Divorce Modification

If your or your child's situation has changed dramatically since your divorce, it may be that you need to seek a Post-Divorce Modification from the court. There are many issues that affect such a ruling and Jennifer Chadwell can assist you in maneuvering through this legal process. Whether you're seeking a change in custody, alimony or child support, visitation rights, or a parenting plan, Ms. Chadwell is experienced in dealing with such modifications. And she'll strive to help you achieve your desired outcome. Changes are part of life, even after divorce. Having someone to guide you through some of the most important life changes you may face can make the process more bearable and much less stressful.

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The process of divorce can be a painful one in many ways. The division of property and assets, custody and child support, alimony and many other factors play a role in an amenable separation. Some couples, rather than go through litigation, are able to use an alternative dispute resolution process such as Mediation to settle the issues that arise.


Mediation provides a neutral third party to work with you and your spouse to settle disputes you can't settle on your own.


When you are involved in mediation, it's comforting to know that someone like Jennifer Chadwell, who has been educated in dispute resolution, can guide you through them. Ms. Chadwell will do her best to ensure you receive fair representation throughout the many aspects of this often stressful process.


Rule 31 listed Mediator


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Grandparents' Rights


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